Repair Outlook & Convert OST to PST

Repair Outlook & Convert OST to PST
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OST and PST files are used by Microsoft Outlook, arguably the most popular email exchange, planning and collaboration suite in the world, for storing all types of objects it supports: emails, attachments, notes, tasks, calendar entries, contacts and so on. When something happens to the storage file, the entire dataset is rendered unreadable and plain useless – unless, of course, you have Outlook Repair Converter!

Outlook Repair Converter – ultra-fast and accurate recovery of data from damaged OST & PST files

Outlook Repair Converter is a smart tool that was designed to save you and your data after the most desperate data corruption accidents. The software has received a number of industry awards and the growing army of its users proves that its unmatched ease of use, unprecedented speed and groundbreaking recovery power are exactly what users look for in PST repair tools and Outlook disaster recovery solutions.

Outlook Repair Converter is your number one choice when it comes to quick and accurate extraction of your business and personal emails, tasks, contacts and other objects from OST and PST files damaged as the result of file system corruption, power shortages, hardware malfunctions, experiments with untested software that went wrong and other factors.

Outlook Repair Converter - repair damaged ost and pst files and convert ost to pst format

Outlook Repair Converter

The Outlook repair program was created for everyone, so you can rest assured you WILL be able to repair your lost Outlook data and get back to work even if you are not a professional system or database administrator. Outlook Repair Converter features a wizard-based interface that won’t let you make a mistake, so all you need to do is to follow a predefined recovery scenario and simple on-screen instructions. The intuitive nature of the software, its impressive recovery capabilities and speed allow you to save yourself the trouble of finding professional data recovery services and paying them a fortune for things you can do on your own incomparably faster and for a fraction of this budget!

Outlook Repair Converter explained

Outlook Repair Converter performs a deep search for object signatures and repairs data structures within PST and OST files… but in layman’s terms, it does three simple things:

  • Opens the damaged source file and performs the initial analysis of its structure
  • Uses a set of advanced file analysis algorithms to crystallize recoverable objects within the file
  • Extracts data either to a set of EML files or a PST file of an older or newer Outlook version

As you see, it’s just three easy steps wrapped into a highly intuitive step-by-step wizard-driven process!

Check out more great features of Outlook Repair Converter:

  • Broad compatibility with MS Outlook/Exchange formats – Outlook Repair tool works perfectly well with PST files created in Outlook 97 through 2010 and OST files generated by Exchange 5.0, Exchange 5.5 and 2003
  • Safety of use – when analyzing files and extracting data, Outlook Repair Converter does not modify the source file in any way, thus ruling out even the slightest possibility of inflicting further damage to it
  • Conversion of OST files to PST format
  • Support of PST/OST files over 4 GB in size
  • Extraction of data and password removal from password-protected files
  • No training of familiarization required – the program uses a very straightforward approach to data recovery
  • The use of proprietary file analysis and data recovery algorithms ensures ultimate recovery efficiency and data integrity

Adding Outlook Repair Converter to your collection of software would be a prudent decision even if you have never dealt with data corruption and have never had a damaged PST/OST file ruin your work. These files tend to grow big, and so do the chances of their corruption in all kinds of incidents. So if you want to minimize possible future downtime and avoid spending a fortune of professional, yet not always available and affordable data recovery services, consider making Outlook Repair Converter a permanent member of your team of emergency recovery tools.

Don’t waste time and download the demo version of Outlook Repair Converter right now. You will only see the contents of your damaged PST and OST files for a short period of time, but it should still give you an idea of the amount of data that the program can effectively restore.

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