Import EML to Outlook

Import EML to Outlook
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Import EML to Outlook : Being the standard email exchange program in the corporate world, Microsoft Outlook often becomes the final destination for EML and MSG messages exported from other email software. And since you can hardly afford any downtime during email migrations, it’s extremely important that you choose the right tool to import eml to outlook and eml to pst conversion.

Importing multiply message formats into PST made easy

Outlook Import Converter is an ultimately powerful tool for importing EML(X) and MSG email files into MS Outlook. Offering extreme reliability, stability and speed of .EML to Outlook import operation, the software is a perfect choice for time-critical large scale migrations of email archives from any platform to Microsoft Outlook, either directly or involving an intermediate conversion to EML or MSG formats. However, this award-winning MSG to PST and EML to PST converter is not limited to its primary function – it provides the functionality that enables users to use it for other purposes as well.

One of the most outstanding features of EML to PST Import tool is its ability to preserve and recreate the original folder structure while of import EML to Outlook, so if you have your messages properly pre-sorted, you don’t really need to do anything after EML to PST conversion – the program will create subfolders in the target mailbox with names matching those of the source folders on the hard drive. This takes away the trouble of having to perform manual folder matching and makes email migrations a snap.

Import EML to Outlook

This intelligent software for import eml to outlook completely automates the process of importing email messages and associated attachments to Outlook and takes this functionality even further by allowing users to import files of ANY type. If a file is natively supported by Outlook (for instance, EML, MSG, iCL, VCF, ect), it will be imported and converted into a corresponding object. If not, it will be imported as a standalone attachment. This feature may be a good way to store frequently used files and standard documents right in Microsoft Outlook or PST file, where they can be quickly accessed and forwarded to the necessary recipients. It may also be a type of simple backup solution for business-critical data.

Outlook Import Tool and EML to PST Converter is supplied with free MBOX to EML Converter, a bonus tool that dramatically facilitate email migration from email clients that do not support direct export of messages to EML files.

The EML to Outlook import program is truly multi-functional and suitable for all types of email import and conversion operations. Not only does it work with standard EML and MSG files, but also supports the Mac OS EMLX format, TNEF DAT files and emails saved on Unix and Mac OS systems with certain encoding and structural variations. Intelligent file preprocessing ensures fast and reliable conversion of your emails to one or several Outlook PST files.

Easy to Use EML to Outlook Import and Conversion

The great thing about Outlook EML Import and EML Converter is its simplicity and intuitive controls. As a non-professional tool, it is intended for the mass user who may not have the background knowledge or first-hand experience of cross-format email conversion and importing of email messages to Outlook. The interface of the program uses a multi-step wizard to guide you through the process with a minimum of questions asked and actions required. In most situations, all you have to do is to specify the location of source EML, VCF, MSG files and their destination, leaving all other settings unchanged. If, however, you are dealing with a non-standard email migration and are confident about your actions, you can configure file preprocessing options or filtering (by date of creation, file size and attachment status) to narrow down the range of files to be imported. If you are dealing with a non-standard email migration case involving sets of source files in multiple folders that need to be imported to several PST files, you can take advantage of the batch EML to PST  import feature that completely automates this rather complex process.

Some of the most remarkable features of Outlook Import Converter are:

  • Extremely fast and accurate conversion and import of EML(X) and MSG files to Microsoft Outlook’s PST files
  • Batch processing – automatically convert emails from several locations to many PST files
  • Preservation of original folders and subfolders – you get the same ones in your Outlook mailbox
  • Support of password-protected PST files
  • Creation of uniquely named and timestamped subfolders when performing a series of consecutive import sessions (prevents overwriting)
  • Import of email files to the default Outlook profile, an orphaned or newly-created PST file
  • File filtering by size, attachment status and date of creation
  • Support of MSG files saved in the RFC 822 format
  • Flexible preprocessing options for emails saved on computers running on Unix and Mac OS
  • Full support of the Mac OS-X .EMLX email format
  • Support of large (over 4 GB) Unicode PST files
  • An integrated EML to MSG and MSG to EML converter
  • Conversion of EML email files to RTF, MSG, PST, HTML, TXT formats for ease of editing and sharing
  • Localizations: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Japanese
  • Import of VCF contacts (VCF to PST)
  • Import of TNEF DAT files
  • Import of files of any format to Microsoft Outlook for quick access and sharing

Outlook Import Converter is all you will ever need to convert any number of emails to Outlook (eml to outlook) – and not just emails! Use the program to add arbitrary files to Outlook, convert emails into a variety of formats and consolidate your email archives. The program has a no-brainer interface suitable for everyone, offers lightning-fast speed of conversion and plenty of preprocessing options to fine-tune the process. Outlook Import Converter with all major versions of Windows and Outlook, including their 64-bit editions.